Enhancement of flight operations at Riviera Airport with the installation of a GNSS corridor in 2019


On October 3rd 2018, Riviera Airport signed an agreement with ENAV, the Italian air traffic control authority, to install a GNSS corridor on its runway. Riviera Airport will be the first Italian airport to have a flight approach procedure based exclusively on this satellite technology. 

The support of the Italian aviation authorities on this project is a recognition of the strategic role of Riviera Airport in the Italian and international business aviation market.

The GNSS on RWY27 will be installed by February 2019, while the updated obstacle charts will be published in “AIP Italia” by May 2019. The installation on RWY27 will further enhance flight operations and safety, RWY27 being the approach mostly used by aircraft landing at Riviera Airport. 

In addition, ENAV will perform a feasibility study for the modification of the PAPI installation and approach angle for RWY09 (from 4.5 ° to 3.5 °) and for an instrument flight procedure (GNSS) for RWY09. If the analysis is successful, ENAV will proceed with the development of a GNSS approach on RWY09, including flight validation with a completion date expected by the end of November 2019 and implementation a few weeks later. 

These important improvements on the runway should lead to the upgrading of the airport category and therefore open the airport to new operators in the business aviation market.