Invitation to submit an expression of interest in order to find a suitable industrial partner available to become a shareholder of the company “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION”



• Riviera-Airport S.p.A. holds a twenty-year concession for the full management of the International Airport of Villanova d’Albenga (SV) pursuant to Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of 25 September 2014 prot. 387, filed at the Court of Auditors on 3 December 2014, Reg. No. 4325; 

• Riviera-Airport S.p.A., in accordance with Agreement Reg. No. 02/2012 signed with ENAC on 15 October 2012 and the related addendum signed on 19 September 2014, has fulfilled its obligation to privatise the Company; 

• In the Agreement Riviera-Airport S.p.A has undertaken to invest, in the period 2018/2021, a total amount of 800 thousand euro, of which 400 thousand euro will be invested for the construction of a new Fire Brigade barracks; 

• At present, Riviera-Airport S.p.A plans to invest several million euro for the extension of the current runaway, the relocation and construction of a new Fire Brigade barracks and the installation of aircrafts landing and take-off aid systems; 


Riviera-Airport S.p.A intends to focus its energies and assets on essential and strategic infrastructural investments aimed at turning the airport into one of the major General and Business Aviation HUBs in Southern Europe, overcoming the current economic difficulties of General and Business Aviation in Italy. 

In this context, Riviera-Airport S.p.A is interested in seeking an industrial partner available to share with it the ownership of the Company “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION”, which is already incorporated for the provision of services and activities deriving from the General and Business Aviation traffic and from connected services as outlined below. 


The public invitation for the expression of interest is aimed at finding an "industrial partner" to become a shareholder of the Company “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION” of which Riviera-Airport S.p.A will hold 15% of the share capital and the interested party the remaining shareholding. The new Company shall be managed by a board of directors with three members: 
• Riviera-Airport S.p.A reserves the right to appoint one member, who will hold the position of Chairman, acting as the controller; 
• the other two members shall be appointed by the industrial/technical partner to whom the full management will be entrusted. 


Riviera-Airport S.p.A will grant a sub-concession for/subcontract to “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION”, thus established, the activities which include but are not limited to those listed hereunder. Some of these activities are those envisaged under the handler license exclusively held by Riviera-Airport S.p.A. More specifically: 

1. the activities for the creation of an F.B.O. at the airport; 

2. assistance to aircrafts, passengers and crews of both the General and Business Aviation traffic; 

3. preparation of flight plans, weather forecasts, landing permits, requests of fuel availability on destination airports; 

4. activities / services relating to the welcoming of passengers and crews both landside and airside;  

5. the provision of catering services; 

6. concierge service, tax refunds, limousine service, booking; 

7. fuel provision services; 

8. aircraft cleaning services; 

9. any other activities relating to the management of General and Business Aviation flights, aircrafts assistance and management, assistance to passengers and crews. 

In order to carry out the activities envisioned under this expression of interest, surfaces and equipment used by the concessionaire shall be made available, under a sub-concession, and defined in more detail according to the project as it takes shape. 


The industrial partner sought by Riviera-Airport S.p.A. to become a shareholder of “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION” must meet the following requirements: 

• In-depth and documented knowledge of the General and Business Aviation market, of the related service standards necessary to ensure top quality services in compliance with safety standards; 

• Evidence that the industrial partner is already operating at other airports; 

• Achievement, in the last two fiscal years, of a total turnover of over fifty million euro as documented by the corresponding balance sheets. 

• Closing of the last two fiscal years with a profit. 


The industrial partner sought by Riviera-Airport S.p.A. to become a shareholder of “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION” must undertake the following obligations: 
• Commitment to supply at its own costs all equipment necessary to “RIVIERA EXECUTIVE AVIATION” for the provision of services/activities listed at point 2 (points 2.1 to 2.9); 
• Pay to Riviera-Airport S.p.A., for the sub-concession of a total surface of 200 sqm. in the current terminal building, a yearly fee of not less than euro 60 thousand (sixty thousand euro/00). This fee, after the first year, will be subject to a 3% yearly increase. 
• Share with Riviera-Airport S.p.A. the costs for the refurbishment of the current terminal area in order to equip it with spaces suitable to accommodate crew members, passengers, companions, through the building of a VIP lounge and a meeting room. The amount of the contribution shall be appropriate and adequate to the total costs of the intervention. 


The sub-concession agreement/subcontract will take force on 1 January 2018 and can be renewed until 31 December 2033, with updates every five years. 

Riviera-Airport S.p.A. reserves the right to choose, among the expressions of interest received, the industrial partner offering the best industrial, professional as well as financial warranties. 

The present communication cannot be considered a public offer and does not bind in any way Riviera-Airport S.p.A.. 

The expressions of interest must be sent, by certified email (PEC), by 15 December 2017, to the following address:

All questions can be addressed by 12 December 2017 to the following contact person: “CEO Riviera-Airport S.p.A: Alessandro Pasqualini; email” 

This document is drawn up in two equally authoritative versions: Italian and English. In the event of any inconsistencies between the two languages, the Italian version shall prevail and be deemed the original version of this document. 

The following documentation is attached: 
1) Traffic statistics: 2015-2016 - Current situation November 2017 
2) Balance sheets 2015-2016 

Villanova d’Albenga, 04/12/2017.